Friday, July 3, 2015

It's never late to come back...

Hello to everyone!

I am Merce from Spain. I arrived to Malta to improve my English two months ago. I have started an internship in Divewise. When I arrived, my welcome was really lovely thanks to Viv who explains to me everything with much enthusiasm and perfectly. She is a very active person and hardworking woman. 

The staff is also very friendly and they are a great team. You can feel that they love diving and that is their passion. I will spend months of July and August here so I would like to try diving because I haven't tried before. I hope to learn much of them.

I will be in the office and I'll take over of Divewise's social networks. So I will try to have this updated.

See you for here...


Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Lighter X-127

There is many war fought in the water around Malta, and has left several wrecks for divers to explore. The Lighter X-127 is one of them. For those who want to reach the wreck, they have to swim at a depth between 10-15 meters.

It was built for the Gallipoli campaign in the First World War in 1915 and sank 6th of March 1942 in Marsamxett Harbor.
Actually, people had a thought to remove this wreck since it was in the way for building. But Dave Mallard was the one that didn’t let that happened, he got it protected. It is after all a historical object.

Today Sarah and Dave Mallard are going to do a pleasure dive at the wreck and Burak will do his last MSDT and then he will be a finished instructor.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

St Julian's

Haven’t been in St Julian’s and planning to go here?

Then we at Divewise want to tell you a lite about the city that we have our diving center in.
St Julian’s is one of Maltas most popular tourist destination.
Here you have attractions as restaurants, nightlife, Casino, cinemas, fishing and of course Scuba Diving and snorkeling.

St Julian’s started as a small fishing port and is now a center for tourist from many different countries.
Spinola Bay is still known for the fishing, since the fishermen uses the bay for their traditional boats in strong colours just below the restaurants and cafés. Here you can find food from many different cultures and for sure something that suites you.
The bay is beautiful both during the day and the night.

Spinola Bay

Down in the city they have a cinema witch shows the latest movies, shopping center with its three floors. The shoppingcenter Bay street doesn’t just offers a lot of different shop, it also have cafés and restaurant to take a break at during the shopping.

Cinema and Shopping center

While you are in St Julian’s you have to try out the nightlife. It offers places for everyone to visit. Paceville is the nightlife capital in Malta there clubs, bars, restaurants are located in four streets that leads out from the main square. If you’re not interested on this kind of nightlife, you can go to the Casino down the street. The Dragonara Casino is surrounded by the beautiful crystal clear ocean.

Paceville at night & Dragonara Casino

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dive sites

If you come to Malta, you have the possibility to take advantage of the best diving water in the whole Mediterranean.

But, why is that?
It’s because it’s easy to dive here since here is no tides or streams and because the biggest part of the coast is rocky, that’s why here are many caves to explore.

Here at Divewise, you have the possibility to do you’re first dive as a Discover Scuba Diver or qualify yourself to move on to the next level as a done PADI Scuba Diver or PADI Open Water Diver.

Some places we would recommend to you as a diver is the Maori there you almost every time can see, Flying Gurnard fish, Moray eels an octopus. You might even find the sea horse! On the deepest part of the dive, you have the possibility to enter the HMS Maori wreck.
                                                                         Sea horse

Or why not travel by boat to the Island Gozo and jump in to the water. Sink down to 15 meters and swim through the Blue Hole. You can visit the coral garden or the cave down here.
                                                                   Blue Hole, Gozo

The other Maltese Island Comino, is well known for it's crystal clear water. Santa Marija Caves is the perfect place to take excellent photographs on a max depth of about 10 meters.

Check out our other dive sites at our website.

Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19/3 2012

The cold winter is definetly over, the spring's here and the summer's just around the corner!
Today has been our two new interns first day, they've been sitting infront of the computer and posting and blogging while the staff have been doing all kinds of dives, everything from pleasure dives to tech dives and our instructors have been busy as usuall.

While our techdivers have been busy with suiting up, Jack've been taning and relaxing in the sun and making every0ne else jealous!

The new interns

Let's start this blog up again!
It's been a time since last post, so it's time to do some catching up...

My name is Sara Dahlgren and I'm an intern here at Divewise for about two weeks. With me I've got Josefin who's also from Sweden. We go to school and study Tourimse in Lund. The internship is a part of our education and now we are here to learn how things works here at Divewise.

During this weeks, we are going to take care of the posts on Facebook and other social medias, but of cours here. We'll get this blog running with daily posts in no time!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Been a while since our last blog so big apologies – my only excuse is “We have been crazy busy”

Lots of things going on so will try and bring you up to date..........

The usual summer holidaymakers came for their pleasure dives wanting to explore the beautiful waters of Malta, the fabulous wrecks we have from 14 meters down and breathtaking reefs, swimthroughs and caverns too – good to have new faces and regulars plus the crazy characters too

We also have the 2 sister Islands Comino with its Blue Lagoon and Santa Maria Caves then Gozo with the Inland Sea, Blue Hole, Coral Caves, Fesse Rock and Billinghurst Cave plus much more

Lots of people have come to do their Open Water Course after completing their theory & pool sessions back home then save the dives for the warm clear sea, Advanced Courses have kept us busy too along with Deep & Wreck Specialties......these are our favourite ones to teach and have beaten the amount of courses we taught last year along with Enriched Air – Thanks to you !

Groups of divers have visited us from the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden & Finland and many other places this year and had a great time – they have become friends on Facebook and sent us their photos which have been lovely to see

A group of 18 year old students arrived from Norway and were all excellent divers after only just passing their Open Water Course – some of them completed their Advanced whilst here and didn’t want to miss a great opportunity – well done to you all, a pleasure to teach you and enjoyed your company

Keswick Scouts from Cumbria came back again after enjoying their first trip last year, 12 of them completed Open Water, Advanced, Deep & Wreck Specialties and kept us all very busy – Bill Walker who organises the trip was very happy with their achievements and already talking about another group next year.... they created a great buzz around the place and missed them the next day after they had gone – they did leave behind a lovely box of shortbreads and chocolates – thanks guys!

Now as Nov starts we have 14 Candidates on the IDC all learning to become PADI Instructors – we also offer the EFR Instructor Course along with the MSDT so they can go away and teach Specialties as well as the basic Open Water, Advanced & Rescue all kicked off yesterday with their Orientation at 4pm with Alan then it’s going to be a full on 2 week course to prepare them for the Instructor Exam on 18/19th ....... watch this space for more information on their course and lets wish them well !

Finally…. a big THANK YOU to our team this year – you were great and miss you as you leave one by one as our season ends……keep in touch and take care til next season or til we meet again