Sunday, August 29, 2010

Divers Update

Its been a while since the last blog, no I've not been lazy, quite the opposite, its been so busy here lately that we've not had much time to do anything. The staff are all a size smaller because yes diving comes before eating for us, we all do manage to get a beer at the end of the day so don't worry!In the last few weeks we have lost two vital members of staff, no they didn't suffer a bad case of the bends they had to return home to start preparing for university. Now, from one of them i heard the preparation involved alot of karioke and water pistols, guess thats a good education these days! First to go was Dorianne, our bubbly dutch instructor who kept people laughing under the water with her tricks of the trade and the place is definitely alot quieter without her, and a personal touch i've lots my dive buddy, until the next adventure Dor! Then it was Ben to go, also known as flowerpot, who very slowly but thouroughly became DSD king introducing over 150 people for their first dive this summer. Looking forward to their return next summer to start all over again.
Meanwhile back at the shop we are starting to feel the summer holidays come to a close, the language students are saying their goodbyes and heading back to school in their own countries. The last minute holiday makers are getting less and less but we're still plodding along and then comes the big diving groups. No rest for the wiked divers. We're anticipating big groups to come over from the UK this autumn when the water is still up at around 26-27 degrees and the visability gets a bit clearer. Big difference from some of the murky quarries in England and perfect for divers to experience the clearer water and start to advance, take some pictures, see some wrecks, so we know they're looking forward to their visit.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beach Clean Up Success

Some of our hard working cleaners!!

Despite the cloudy visibility and surgey waters we had a successful clean up day on our house reef! We had plenty of divers show up in the morning keen to clean so we handed them over empty bags which they took into the water along with their determination. Apart from a mishap in the bad visability when one of the divers started following one of my DSDs instead of her divemaster it all went well, easy mistake to make when everyone has bright yellow fins! All was resolved and to reward their hard work they had pizza and drinks as we compared rubbish and filled in log books. Well done to everyone and another big thank-you to everone who helped out!!

As divers we all love the water and know its our playground but we must treat it with respect and I think we have a responsibility to share and teach others who may sometimes forget this. There is nothing worse to see as your diving than empty bottles, plastic bags, restaurant menus or any other rubbish, things that just shouldn't be in the water. All it represents is the ignorance we can have, just because we can't see it doesn't mean its not there. Octopus collect shells and shiny things for outside its whole, if its sees glass its going on the collection too and if that glass can cut our fingers then imagine what its going to do to them, no-one likes a seven legged octopus!

A plea to us all, divers and non-divers to respect our waters, don't pollute, don't leave litter on beaches, don't even throw russish to the water. It all affects our precious aquatic environment and if it continues in the years to come no one will want to dive in underwater rubbish dumps!! If any is keen for another clean then don't hesitate to contact us!