Wednesday, March 21, 2012

St Julian's

Haven’t been in St Julian’s and planning to go here?

Then we at Divewise want to tell you a lite about the city that we have our diving center in.
St Julian’s is one of Maltas most popular tourist destination.
Here you have attractions as restaurants, nightlife, Casino, cinemas, fishing and of course Scuba Diving and snorkeling.

St Julian’s started as a small fishing port and is now a center for tourist from many different countries.
Spinola Bay is still known for the fishing, since the fishermen uses the bay for their traditional boats in strong colours just below the restaurants and cafés. Here you can find food from many different cultures and for sure something that suites you.
The bay is beautiful both during the day and the night.

Spinola Bay

Down in the city they have a cinema witch shows the latest movies, shopping center with its three floors. The shoppingcenter Bay street doesn’t just offers a lot of different shop, it also have cafés and restaurant to take a break at during the shopping.

Cinema and Shopping center

While you are in St Julian’s you have to try out the nightlife. It offers places for everyone to visit. Paceville is the nightlife capital in Malta there clubs, bars, restaurants are located in four streets that leads out from the main square. If you’re not interested on this kind of nightlife, you can go to the Casino down the street. The Dragonara Casino is surrounded by the beautiful crystal clear ocean.

Paceville at night & Dragonara Casino

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