Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Diving Family

Holy Mother of Moly! You cannot believe how busy we've been this week! Or maybe you can believe it, as this is the first post to fly out of the Divewise Desk for quite some time! We've had some really large, really lovely groups in this week. The Shaws spanned both Britain and the United States in accent, ages 12 to 45 in age and a variety of Dive certifications too, and yet you've never seen a more closely knit unit. Congratulations to Brian for passing his open water!

At the same time, we had the rowdy, raving Diving Leisure London boys and girls, who are unrelated, but have creates a great group atmosphere and family feeling, travelling, diving and eating together (always being the adoptive parents of the Divewise Staff waifs and strays!).

And lastly there's the Tec-Family - where looking after each other is a key aspect of safe diving - but you can ready all about their adventures on the Techwise Tales Blog!

When you're under the water you can always see the family characters coming out - the motherly sorts who like to look after everyone else (and always over-prepared with the spares) - Rescue Diver course anyone? Then there's the fathers, who dole out sage advice and tinker with any equipment that goes awry (Equipment Specialists every time!), and finally the kids - the playful carefree souls that entertain the rest of us, performing antics and flying around in the freedom of the Blue (thanks to their Peak Performance Buoyancy Course)

That's the nice thing about diving, even when a vehicle starts the day full of strangers, it travels home with a family inside - people united by their adventures, delights and even sometimes mishaps (of course that's the way you end up with a story to laugh about later!). We hope you'll come and join the Divewise family soon.

And by the way, Happy Father's Day!

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