Monday, June 8, 2009

Diving into the Deep, Dark and Delicious!

As usual, we have a real mix of courses on right now. Last night we had an Advanced Open Water Student taking his night adventure on the reef where he had done his Navigation in the day. As usual, plenty of pleasure divers jumped in with our second staff member and took advantage of the beauty that comes out in the night time.

We were really lucky, with octopus, morays, cuttlefish and squid all coming out to play! Even a Sea Hare! Plus all the usual shrimp and fish.

We've also had lots of people taking the great deal on the Deep and Wreck
course combo, achieving new depths and learning all about diving safely in and around wrecks.

Now, there's no course involved, but there certainly was some expert pancake munching going on after the night dive! Good call on the snack stop, Al!

We've also had some nice surprises on the house reefs this week. Just a short swim out onto Mercanti reef and Sarah spotted an electric ray! While morays and cuttlefish graced the Discover Scuba Dives near the confined area.

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