Wednesday, August 26, 2009

All about Eve

Wow, you really wouldn't think that Data Entry would be the inspiration for a Blog! But as it happens... I've been getting to grips with EVE, PADI'S Scuba Centre organisational software. Its amazing what you can do with it - log kit for divers and remember what sizing they need, track their progress on courses, organise transport and trips and even SMS you with hot new news and dives from the Divewise HQ. Of course we do all of these things already - but with Eve, we can do it faster and better - leaving more time for better service and most importantly DIVING!
Not that this is what really got me thinking about the Blog today - it was more filling in the details of previous customers and certifications. What a nice trip down memory lane! Thinking about all the faces that have passed through our doors and the things that they've achieved. I also got to thinking about all the ways that we contact and communicate with you, our friends and customers. Eve works with emails, postal addresses, SMS text messages and even Skype - then on the Divewise Website, we've got Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and more.
Its not really a small world - its huge and full of exciting diving and friendships to be had, but with modern communication, its easy to feel very close together - everything is instant! Lets just hope our bodies can keep up with the pace!

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