Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Peak Season Hits Malta!

So how are you? I know, I know, I should have called - its been too long. Yes I did change my hair colour, thanks for noticing... Its been a while since the last blog if you hadn't already guessed! But there's good reason, I promise. Peak season hits Malta in August, with a huge influx of Italian holiday makers, as well as a good representation from just about every nation!
The streets are packed with tourists taking in the sights and sounds, while the beaches are lined with bronzing bodies.
Here at Divewise, we're absolutely booked out - diving is so popular and we're the place that people choose it seems! Other centres complain of noticing the credit crunch - we're crunching numbers - 85 BCDs, 90 Wetsuits, 50 pairs of boots... on and on the stock list goes - and its all rented out! Wow!
Friends are returning for their second holiday of the year, students are discovering their first underwater experience and old pros are improving their teaching status! Its all go at Divewise and we love it that way!
So, I promise - I'll touch base again soon, and have a big slice of cake waiting for me! I'll need the energy!

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