Thursday, July 30, 2009

Getting kids diving - making young adults!

As I sit in the Divewise office - I'm looking at about 25 kids from language schools in the local area - youngsters come from all over Europe to learn English in Malta - its a fantastic summer vacation that teaches them a lot and gives them plenty of extra curricular experiences too.

These youths are away from their parents and obviously, that always results in a little partying while they have the freedom to do so - the streets of Paceville are packed with mini skirts and over-applied aftershave in the evening - ahhh those first flutters of ... well perhaps not love...

Usually, I'd be part of the old crowd saying 'it wasn't like that in my day', and you do witness a few clubbing casualties along the way - but I've noticed another, more encouraging trend in these schools.

Many of them arrange Scuba Diving experiences for their students here at Divewise - and some go on to take their Open Water and even Advanced Open Water courses too. Funny thing is - we see them on their first day - struggling in the classroom a little after a late night and a few love bites... then the next lesson - we take them for a dive - and suddenly a huge improvement shows...

Once they see all the adventures they can have under the water, these students are less bothered about late nights checking out the discos, and more interested in a study session to allow them to the next level of their diving adventure! We also see them learning to work as a team, helping their buddies and putting in some elbow grease walking their kit down to the water. You certainly can't accuse our students of being lazy 'Kevin the Teenager' types.

So if you're looking for the equation that turn children into a young adult (resonsibility, education, manners and a work ethic!) look no further than diving for all of these things!

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