Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why Dive?

So, I was suffering a little writers block and I thought I'd try to inspire myself by looking at my passion from a different angle - from the point of view of someone who didn't like diving. Bizarre as it sounds - it's got me writing at least!

Often I find my self asking why. Why bother with this or that? So What if someone asked me 'Why dive?'... 'Why not snowboard instead?' 'Why get up early to go dive?' 'Why tire yourself when you could stay in bed or out sunbathing?'

I'll tell you why... because somethings are worth making the effort for! When you get up early in the morning - you get so much more from your day and when that's a diving day I know I can squeeze amazing experiences from that 24 hours! You also see the world, both land and water in a different way - tranquil after the party antics of teenagers the night before - now the world is fresher, cooler, calm - and then you get underwater and its even more chilled out! You can have all the excitement you search for in the blue, but it can also be as relaxing as snoozing in the sun.

And its GOOD to feel tired - that healthy, hungry fatigue like after going swimming - you feel great - like you really earned that evening meal and rest! Your blood is flowing through your veins - you've blown the cobwebs and you feel so much better for it!

And why not snowboard or skydive? Well... I don't know any other activity that fits so well inside the rules and requirements of family and group holidays - your friends might not be happy to sit in the snow while you hit the piste - but I never heard anyone complain about sunbathing and sightseeing while you fly through the blue!!

So why dive? - 1000 thousand reasons - of which these are just a few (plus the smile on my face from getting a nervous newbie out and enjoying it this afternoon!) ... watch this space for the rest of the 1000 reasons!

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