Friday, July 10, 2009

Scuba Students and Liquid Learning

What a week! My fingers are burning from typing the names of successful students into PADI's online certificate system! Tons of customers (Ferry , Roelien, Jane, Sara, Helen) finishing their Deep Diver and Wreck Diver course, others are in the classroom getting to grips with Enriched Air Diving, while still more (Petra, Eline, Nicole, Chris) are just starting the adventure with Open Water Diver!

We've been enjoying the beautiful breeding season on the house reef, with several juvenile octopus on each of our Night Dives, and baby fish in bright colours dotted all over the reef.

We've been out to the Tuna Farm for a dive with the 'big boys' and over to Gozo and Comino for some great days out.

Sean McGahern has been out on the reef, racking up the hours readying for his Guiness World Record attempt, and as always, the Tec Terriers have been tempting recreational divers with the promise of spectacular wrecks in the beautiful blue (find out more at our sister company blog - Techwise Tales).

In fact, we've so many happy divers passing through our doors, we're having to update the Diver of the Month every week!!! Watch the site for more smiley faces and course success!

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