Monday, June 28, 2010

3 Generations of Milton diving with divewise

A good 40 years ago Malta was blessed with the opening of Divewise by a Sarah and Vince Milton, at a time when recreational diving was a new and unknown phenomenon they showed their faith of what diving was going to become. They were not disappointed as they would have seen their center and the love for diving grow over the years, now with over 40 dive centers on Malta the can look at theirs with pride.

It didn't stop there, the family passed on the divewise torch to their son Patrick about 10 years ago who continued to develop and adapt diving for everyone imaginable and we were happy to see him yesterday diving with his son 10 year old Luke who has clearly got the hereditary diving bug and is starting his open water course with his dad. Best of luck to him, and hopefully no family bickering between them!

What else has been going on around the center i hear you ask, well nothing really, ha we wish! Today we're sending Dude away captaining his own boat and taking his crew of divers to some new sites off the west coast of Malta. He'll start with a reef dive to Devil's Reef where we hope to find an old cave that shows signs of stalactites and predatory fish such as barracuda, dentex and amberjack then head to Scott's Craig which was a ferry operating in the Thames, it was then used as a filming vessel for the "popeye" movie and when that finished it became another wreck for the keen divers of Malta. Can't wait to hear the outcome of the dives when the guys get back and I'll let you know as soon as i do. Pictures will follow of the three generations and the dives sites.

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