Wednesday, June 30, 2010

During these long summer days as we have people coming in, we're giving out gear, then washing the gear, giving the gear a wash and at the end of the day we wash the gear. But on those few occasions all the gear is washed we have have a whole list of other jobs to be doing. So the other afternoon we took the chance to tick some of these off. So we were all in the sunshine working on our tan, and I'm not sure if anyone saw the facebook status the other day but apparently the new divewise technique of tanning is to stand by me and even paper looks brown! At least i stand out in this golden bronzed country! Anyway, we were delegated jobs and we worked away like bust bodies, Dorianne was marking up our snorkeling fins ready for the summer hit, Pau and the boys were going through the tool kits double checking so we're never left at a divesite with no O rings or alan keys. Dude was cleaning up the Poseidon re-breather ready for some keen first timers and I was, if I don't say so myself, made Hannah, Harry and FX as clean as they had been in years, squeaky keen, cleaning of a perfectionist one may say! To those who may not know Hannah, Harry and FX aren't unfortunately unclean customers they are our fleet of nearly flawless transport. Come cheack it out, maybe we'll get some added business as a car wash as well!!

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