Friday, July 2, 2010

Diving on air is so 2009

We've been working our boys hard this week in preparation for our new compressors arrival. The back of the kit room has been transferred from a messy store room to a modern, chic, spacious area fit for its new potential. After it was cleared they went nuts with the drill and extended the wall then gave it a fresh lick of paint. I'm not sure whats with boys but when they start with the DIY it all goes to their heads. The were walking around with their drills, managing to get paint of everything but the walls with a very proud look on their face like they were well achieved manly men!! If only they hard working everyday!! haha!!

The point of all this labour is not only for the boys' egos but we are moving up in the world of compressors. We're going to have new panels installed hooked up to the oxygen bank at the back and you simply ask the bank whatever mix you want be it 36%, 25% and anything in between and it fills it for you. So no more long nights blending or sums to be done it will now be just as easy to fill nitrox cylinders as it will to fill air, so it anyone is thinking about doing their nitrox course then don't hesitate to ask, and we'll even show you how it works!!
So the panels arrived and it's in its last stages so there may be another day or two with macho boys walking around the place, don't worry soon enough Sarah will have then back under control!

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