Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One of the big attractions Malta has to offer is its Octopus, and no I don't mean in the stew at the local restaurants. After years of campaigning by Divewise finally the Professional Diving Schools Association (PDSA) has caught on to this and started to take action. We received an email as did all the other dive centers in Malta requesting any octopus that are found to be left alone, not touched or played with. At the moment its breeding season for this beautiful creatures and if any of them are taken out of their homes then it can effect their young and not reproduce as needed. Hopefully all divers and non-divers are concerned about our oceans and current issues like over fishing so we appreciate any action being taken by these organisation to promote regeneration of our waters.
The PDSA sent infotmation about these animals and they are said to be highly intelligent creatures, probably the most intelligent of all invertebrates. And as mentioned its their breeding season which runs from February to October and the females become very maternal, giving her own life for her unhatched young. The life of any woman changes when they have children, but octopus take it to another level, the mother's body stops growing and she will stop leaving the den to forage for food and not eat for the rest of her life. My mum made no such sacrafice for me!! haha!

The Biological Conservation Research Foundation (BICREF) has been looking into species numbers and has included them in its monitoring biodiversity scuba slate so any diver or snorkler can assist them with their research by request from us or their email bicref@gmail.com. Lets gets these animals nicea nd abundant as they are such a trest to see on dives and perfect models for underwater photography!

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