Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Football Madness

We all love diving and we don't really need any other sport, but we thought just to try and see what all the fuss was about and had a bash at some football. Last night was the first game of the inter-diving schools league with Divewise versus Aquatica. And what a game it was!

We met at Luxol stadium, well a small stadium, ok an AstroTurf pitch by the road but it was all we needed to get into the zone. The teams met and eyed up their competition, had a quick warm up with some alternative stretching methods and got started. We played 5 aside having at least two girls in each team at any time, which I remember the word "unfortunately" come out of Alan's mouth!! I think Sarah, Dorianne and I justified our places on the team, Sarah showing us some tremendous skill as defender, midfielder and striker and not to mention the goal that hit off my behind, so not the most skilled goal but a goal none the less!!

The boys did alright too i suppose, Pau was our man of the match, looking more like Micheal Flatley but still gave Aquatica a run for the money. After the first half we were leading 3-0 with some great goals from Pau and Ben and did i mention that i scored a goal!! We had some player swapping and staff giving and Ben was now Aquatica enemy and for some reason after that tackles got rougher and rules began to become more lax...

As all the players started to flail and collapse we were all happy to see the flood lights turn off ending the game 9-3 to a victorious divewise and have a well deserved drink at the end! After the players on the floor picked themselves up and dusted down we enjoyed the cool down with some Maltese Cisk! Looking forward to our next game on sunday against the bank! Bets are encouraged!!

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