Sunday, July 4, 2010

We've been doing some well deserved patriotic support lately for Dorianne and Ben, our dutch side of divewise, they took a brief moment away for this little photo shoot, so come tomorrow when Holland play Uruguay, we want to see all orange shirts at Huggins cheering them on! Sorry Pau but you didn't have a Spanish top for the pictures! Who knows it could be Spain v Holland in the Final???
Enough of football and Wimbeldon has also finished, Spain can always rely on Nadal, we can now focus on diving again. You may of noticed yesterday there was no blog, no updates on facebook or twitter, we weren't being lazy we were given a very generous staff day, and guess what, we went diving! We had the day to only look after out buddies, rather than starburst DSDs or "you watch me" moments, we enjoyed the boat trip out there and then just went diving. I think when your working as a diver, yes you enjoy every dive, you get a buzz every time you perfect your buoyancy and if you anything like I am then you still get memorized watching your bubbles float 30m above you to the surface. But you do always have that responsibility, be it nervous first time divers or even experienced divers who are following your lead with expectations of blowing their minds, so yesterday was nice- to just go diving. A big thank you to Viv, Alan and Nev from all the divewise team!!
Sorry I think I lost my train of thought there as I was called away as Alan needed my body (sshh don't tell Viv) Since the new compressor panel is being fitted they needed the shortest person in the shop, apparently that's me, to test if i could reach it. Haha, no cylinder filling for me!! I'm sure they'll find away around it...

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