Sunday, July 25, 2010

Special Specialities

P29 at Cirkewwa

Yesterday the baby instructors were honoured with a lesson from a previous Divewise instructor, a wise man by the name of Danny Barber. He taught us the ins and outs of specialties and specialty teaching. We looked into how to make every diver imaginable happy, and how to take divers who have done their open water course, maybe their advanced and are now choosing to take their skills further. If you are not familiar with what I mean when I say specialties, they are the next step after an advanced course and you pick a certain speciality or a few then do 2,3 or 4 dives developing skills and knowledge on that certain aspect of diving. Great way to develop and try new things with a certification at the end for those card collectors! We just said a tear full goodbye to Kimmo after a Mexican meal for him and he did 5 specialities as well as his open water course and advanced in his short week here!!

Here in Malta we have the biggest collection on wrecks in Europe so the wreck speciality is fairly common here and you learn how to dive safely around and wreck and as the course continues and ends with a wreck penetration dive. I know from experience of diving on these kind of dives your taking your dive to another realm. You become used to the underwater world, you go underwater, you see fish. But now your starting to see things that really aren't meant to be under the water and watch them transform into an artificial reef housing lots of aquatic life and become something completely new. Talk about recycling or what! We always go down with respect to the origin of the wreck, how it happened and like some of the wrecks here, if lives were lost on them. Next time your on a ferry or driving past a marina imagine how interesting it would be to explore any of those boats 30m underwater! We'll see you soon then...

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