Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dangerous Diving? ? ?

In a place like Malta where diving is so common that after surfacing the kids are unfazed as you walk by them fully kitted up like spacemen, diving is almost assumed, by being here you are a diver or have at least tried. But I've been thinking lately about a novices view on diving, after a while of jumping in and out of the water everyday it is easily forgotten the nerves and worries of that first breath underwater. My mums going to coming out for a visit later on in the summer and is convinced she wont dive as she thinks its dangerous and scary. So if you've ever done an open water course or a DSD you've learnt about pressure, about never holding your breath and yes we have to admit there are dangers to such a sport, but think there must be hundreds of divers everyday diving the Maltese waters and millions around the world and we hear of very few fatalities, less than a hundred a year. It's amazing to think really that an activity that has such a high potential for disaster in reality has so few accidents.

My brother studies martial arts, trained in combat, surely my mum should be more worried about him that about me, I guess they're both the same though, once your trained and trained well you know how to handle situations, what move to make and how to overcome any problems that may occur. I think here at Divewise we can confidently say that through combined experiences we can prepare and teach people to do just that, overcome those nerves and worries and discover a love for diving and the ocean that they never knew existed.

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