Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The nirtox panel has arrived, has been assembled and is working perfectly!!

We've had our lessons on how it works and what buttons not to press, apparently some of us, cough cough, are a bit of a liability! But from the blenders point of view this new set up is a dream! The other day, rather than staying blending until the late hours of the night 4 twin sets with trimix were finished in less than an hour, so the blenders, who will not be named went to the pub instead!! Much better use of time!!

This morning already we've been rushed off our feet with a trip going to beautiful Gozo with some newly qualified open waters to experience some grown up diving, no more skills on these dives! Fingers crossed they'll see some grouper and enjoy the awesome chimney taking them from 18 to 6m to the coral garden. Then off to the inland sea which gives one of the most amazing views I think Gozo and maybe even Malta has to offer. They start by descending at the start of the tunnel that takes a lot of the tourist boats, so don't be worried if you hear an engine over head, as they continue it slowly gets darker and darker until they turn and see straight into the big blue. The contrast from the dark tunnel to the light is spectacular and it glows in such a mesmerising way. One diver said they had this attraction to go towards the light and stopped for a second to remember they were diving and not dying! If anyone wants to come and see for themselves there is another Gozo trip on Friday and plenty more this summer!

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