Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gorgeous Gozo, Diving Days & Wet Weekends (The good kind!)

The weekend has landed once again and that means another glorious day out on Gozo! Derek packed 8 happy divers into Harry, our largest truck and off they went. Its a bit of an early start to beat the traffic but the speedy journey to the ferry and over the blue is worth it. Gazing at the waves from the side of the ferry, you can't help but get excited about getting below them in a short while.

The scenic drive to the dive sites is like something out of a film. In fact many famous movies have borrowed the landscape of Malta and Gozo for their scenery - Clash of the Titans, Midnight Express, Troy and more!

The Azure Window stands proud over the water within sight of the Blue Hole, which soon we'll be dropping through. To the left you can find coral gardens and caves, to the right is the awesome stature of the entrance tunnel to the Inland Sea. Amazing scenic dives all round.

Having the full day out there means there's plenty of time for a leisurely lunch between dives. A perfect day that everyone finishes with a smile!


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  2. The Jewel in the Med.... Why do people dive in Egypt when Malta is Sooo much Closer...