Saturday, March 19, 2011

Who’s really in charge at Divewise?

There is one member of the Divewise family that has not really been introduced. He is both loved and revered by customers and staff and I feel he needs a proper introduction if you are new to Divewise. . .

Once upon a time there was a little puppy at Divewise called Jacques Cousteau and how cute was he?

He liked to play out in the sun.

But he can be deceiving. When he was young we could keep him under control ...

but even then, when he knew our backs were turned

you could guarantee he was up to no good...........

Once he mastered the stairs there was no stopping him.

He does have a bed

but at the time prefered to dominate Nev's clothes

As he grew nothing in the dive centre was safe as he'd learnt to escape his confinds

Leave anything on the floor and he'll casually stroll towards it then after a flash of black its between his paws.......

He'll take anything no matter how bad it smells!

If he knows he's not meant to have it, only Viv will succeed in getting it back off him.

But for all the mischief he causes we did get our own back.....they are now in a jar !!

Don't get me wrong he does work hard though. He has a diverse range of skills working here with greeting people,

being an Entertainer




and of course a Scuba Diving Instructor

So, like Alan, he takes a nap wherever and whenever he can!

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  1. Very funny and cute pictures, love the third one where he peaks out of the fresh water tank!
    However, there is just one small typo that disturbs me for personal reasons: 'Jacques' should take a 'c' before the 'qu' if you want the same spelling as Jacques Cousteau...
    Also 'Cousteau' takes a 'e' before the 'au' tanks to the simplistically extremely complex French grammar...