Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Aid for Japan

Malta has been really lovely all week. The sea is flat calm, and the sky’s been almost cloud free. It’s been getting warmer now we are in spring, or hotter if you’re from further north like me and are not used to the heat!

If you’re watching the news at the moment, wherever you are in the world, I imagine you will have been hearing a lot about the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. Some of Anne’s family live in Tokyo, so we’ve been trying to offer some support to Japan through this very sad time.

Anne Japan and Fran took some time out from diving to go to a charity fund raising event in front of Valetta gate that started on the 25th March and will be running until the 3rd of April. The fund raiser was set up by the Japan Malta Friendship Association. They are connected with Japan’s Red Cross. The funds provided will be distributed to evacuee camps to support their supplies.

The people there for the event and those just passing through were very generous with their donations so the message that Japan needs help seems to have really hit home here in Malta. The children even got involved helping out collecting donations...

This coming Sunday, besides being at Valetta gate, there will also be a fund raiser by the fish market at Marsaxlokk, in case any of you are visiting Malta and want to give a donation. I’m sure all those connected with Japan in some way will greatly appreciate it.

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