Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Return of the Faroud Diver!

Hannah and Thomas have been diving with us practically every day this week. Sometimes doing 3 dives a day! Thomas came here as an Open Water Diver, he qualified yesterday with his Advanced Open Water and Deep Speciality. Unfortunately on the underwater photography dive his camera died but luckily we’d taken a backup for him. Despite having never used this particular camera before he still managed to get some good quality shots using the tips and tricks he’d learnt.

Hannah was already a Rescue diver when she arrived here but this week she had a go at Tech diving and is going home having completed her first Tech course! They are now reay to relax and enjoy the last day of their holiday so they're not tired when they get home!

Lolke, more commonly known as 'The Faroud Diver' gave us a surprise visit on Thursday and is staying in Malta for 10 days. As usual, he went off to the Faroud with Fran and Steph as soon as possible to say hello to what was his first and favourite wreck of all time. Lolke did his Instructor Development Course with us in November last year and now works as an instructor back home in Holland, however whenever he can get time off he’s back here diving with us.

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