Monday, April 18, 2011

Seahorse Ahoy!

The water basins have been coming along nicely. Nev and Howard have been branching out to make a seating area next to the basins so that there can be an area for technical divers to put their gear which will give the recreational divers more space for their equipment.

JC’s group are off on the boat to Comino today to dive the Santa Marija caves with Pau. The water around Comino is very clear and there are loads of fish that collect in balls around you if you take bread to feed them. It’s an amazing experience. They’re sure to have a great day.

Simon Read is leaving us today. He had an amazing time doing his wreck diver speciality and getting to explore all the wrecks. He’s very greatful to Sarah for finding him a seahorse. Unfortunately his wife has said she is not so grateful because he won’t shut up about it so she will probably be sending him back out here soon to keep him quiet!

Hannah is getting close to retirement she's not been drivable for a few days now after breaking down and its looking like we may have to find a replacement for her.

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