Friday, April 29, 2011

Waves So High You Could Catch a Fish!

The Finnish group have been great all week. They said goodbye the other night and headed home, possibly to better weather! However we did’t have time to rest. Big Al Hewits group arrived from Manchester the following day for some Scuba diving madness. Darryl Kattenhorn also arrived in time for the for the May IDC which starts on Monday.

Our boat diving programme came to a halt while the weather has been bad. It’s been so rough the ropes holding the boat keep snapping. Jason Sarah and Alan had fun re-securing it with Jason flying around inside the boat and Alan and Sarah slipping and sliding on the side while they’re tied the lines. Alan was even lucky enough to catch a fish in one of the waves! (obviously i didnt have the camera at this point!). They finally got the boat secure again . . .

Luckily the sea is starting to calm down again now and the sun has been shining today so the boat’s been freed from its confines.

Some of Ken’s group were feeling a bit rough after a late night celebrating the other night. One of which was still determined to dive much to the delight of the rest of the group who got to watch him suffering and breakfast that morning. Lucky for him he seemed to have acquired the ability to recover rather quickly.

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