Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Boat Diving Programme

We are starting a new boat diving programme for this summer. It has been running the last two days and has so far been very successful.

We will be providing ‘quick diving trips’ to local dive sites such as the Maori, Beaufighter, Imperial Eagle, Devils reef and Scot Craig by boat. So there’s no need to worry about carrying heavy gear at rough or slippery entry and exit points, simply put your gear on, roll in and enjoy your dive.

If you are one of those divers who actually breathes air on the dive then diving in this way will maximise your bottom time on the site as you don’t need to worry about wasting air swimming to and from the site to the shore. So the quick diving trip programme will give you the option of a much more relaxed style of diving.

Why not give it a go next time your here?

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