Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dave Mallard and the X127

We’ve had a Finnish invasion today. 16 divers from Finland have been here doing their check dives on the house reef with Howard, Sini (who is Finnish) and Pau, before a good week of diving.

After doing a DSD the other day James has decided to continue his training and become an Open Water diver so he spent all of yesterday in the classroom getting through all the theory as the pool and house reef where a little rough for his safety, this morning he has been in the pool for his confined and this afternoon he is off for his second open water dive.

Dave Mallard is off to visit his beloved X127 today. He has spent a lot of his life researching this wreck and it took him at least 10 years to discover its true name. Divers formerly named it the Corelita.

The water lighter played a vital role in WW1 and WW2 transporting troops, horses, water etc to and from an island they used as a base when the allies were attacking Turkey in an attempt to knock them out of the war.

It was then converted to fuel lighter to supply the submarines with fuel at the submarine base on Manoel Island in WW2. It was there that it got bombed and sunk. It now sits on a 20deg slope in Valletta harbour.

He is trying to clear out the accumulating sediment in the wreck. Progress is somewhat hindered by the fact that it’s quite small so only one diver can get inside the wreck at a time and its rather dark in there so you’re never quite sure what you are bashing the spade against when filling the bucket with sediment. From his last dive there he worked out he was removing about 6 buckets per dive. So it’s going to take a lot of dives to get most of the sediment out!

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