Monday, April 4, 2011

The world of diving ... not just for grown-ups!

Lot’s been going on today!

Hannah the van has been getting some cosmetic surgery courtesy of Nev.

Lolke and Stefan went off with Pau to do some pleasure diving up at Cirkewwa.

Viv been working hard as usual

and even jack was helping Oskar and Sverre with their gear

Well at least he had us convinced for a few minutes .....

Anne and Sarah took to the water today with two young new divers which is great news!

Two brothers James 9 and William 13 decided to give diving a go as part of their holiday and with the smiling faces they had at the end of it we can certainly say they enjoyed every minute of it!

Anne got the equipment ready

Then they were straight into their briefing.

The Bubblemaker course which James did is for ages 8 -12. They get to have a go at snorkelling and scuba diving in a confined area with an instructor.

The Discover Scuba Diving course can be done from the age of 10 that William did. He performed some skills in the confined area and then went out for a dive on the reef with Anne.

Looking as chilled as the professionals they went down to the water

After they both pulled off the batman look

James and Sarah went snorkelling

while William practiced his skills with Anne on the surface.

Their dad enjoyed the sun

Then went underwater to do the skills for real

James wasn’t far behind him

After a swim around on the surface

There was no stopping him ....

They even saw a cuttlefish!

Congratulations to both of them, they enjoyed it so much, they said they would rather do this every day than go to school, I think we may have some new diving instructors in the making!

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