Friday, April 8, 2011

Staff Training Day!

Nev had a helping hand from Dangerous Dave yesterday when he was doing some handywork around the dive centre. Luckily he didnt actually use his diving mask when he was cutting up metal pipes! Thou we did all wonder how he managed to spend all day in the sum wearing those overalls!

Today is our staff training day. We have one every month – providing we can fit it in around all the pleasure dives and courses that are going on!

Sarah has her work cut out for her as she is going to teach Fran, Anne and Steph how to navigate to the P29 ship wreck up at Cirkewwa. This is going to be either really stressful or really entertaining for Sarah. Let’s hope Fran is on a good day for her navigation!

In the afternoon Anne and Steph are going to be teaching a Bubblemaker course under Sarah’s guidance so that she can fine tune their teaching methods.

We also have a new/old member of staff with us for the summer. Jason used to work here 5 years ago and has come back for more Maltese diving, because you can never get enough of it!

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