Thursday, April 7, 2011

We Have Sofas!

It was Howards birthday on Wednesday, so yesterday we suprised him with a chocolate and a lemon cake. Everyone was very pleased about this as it meant they all got to have cake when they got back from their long day diving!

We have a nice new lounge area at Divewise today courtesy of Nev so people have somewhere nice to sit while they drink coffee and fill in log books.

We still only have one lone fish for Sarah to look after in the fish tank though!

Anne Japan’s still working hard to get aid for the Japanese, after the earthquake and Tsunami. Don’t worry though she’s still diving. She is taking little William to the Maori this morning for his first ever wreck dive. She is also going back to the Maori to finish off Mori’s Open water course so we should have a new Open Water diver by the end of the day.

Today is also a sad day though. Lolke has just left to go on his last diving adventure with Dave Mallard (the man who spent many years researching the X127 water lighter that was sunk in Valletta harbour) for this holiday as he leaves tomorrow.

However he told me this morning he will be back in 27 weeks, so he’s already counting down the days until we see him again!

Travel safe and see you soon Lolke!

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