Saturday, April 9, 2011

Poor Jack!

Yesterday’s training proved a success. Fran, Anne and Steph, managed to find the P29 and the exit twice using different forms of navigation. Unfortunately for Fran, Anne and Steph also had practice driving Harriet so they could get used to driving a longer vehicle and learn where the big bumps are in the road. They found the best way to test this was to put little Fran in the back and if they heard Fran shout ‘oww!’ they knew it was a bump that should be avoided!

Jack had a worse day than Fran. Viv took him for a walk and he cut his paw on some glass. Probably a bottle smashed by some idiot that was out drinking last night. It was bleeding quite badly so he had to have stitches so he spent yesterday feeling very sorry for himself. So Viv and Jack have the day off today.

And while Jacks away the Maltese cats will play ....

I would also like to introduce, 3 men on a mission:


Dangerous Dave

And ‘el tonto del pueblo’ (village idiot) known as Pau

Have been building a new frame to hang out the dive gear

Don’t they look professional . . .

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