Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Want Whatever They're Having Please!

All the Divewise staff attended the PADI forum last night so it was a long day for everyone, but the free cake, drinks and Richard Howes jokes kept everyone going. Then it was off to Huggins to say goodbye to Phil Short who has been out here updating Tech divers and teaching a rebreather course the last couple of weeks, JC’S group were also there watching the football.

Amazingly they were up bright and early for more diving adventures. Today is the Faroud, they look so excited you wouldn't believe they’d had a late night!

Mori who did his Open Water with Anne Japan the other week is here today gaining more experience and fine tune his newly found diving skills by doing some pleasure diving with us.

Lineda is letting off some steam by doing a few days diving with us. It appears to be doing her the world of good , I don’t think she’s stopped smiling since she got here!

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