Monday, April 18, 2011

Fancy Surfing in the Confined Area?

Ed’s been really busy the last few days with open water courses. The hotel pool has now been cleaned out from the winter so we are starting to use it for the Open water and Discover Scuba courses and given its too cold for holidaymakers to use yet it’s nice a quiet which is great for training.

The weather on the house reef is bad today. Dive sites across the whole island appear to be blown out so it may be a dry day for our beginner level divers today. So Nev has been off on a mission to find somewhere for JC’s group to dive.

JC’s group went to Zurrieq for a night dive last night in the valley. For those of you who have never done a night dive the marine life at night is very different.

A lot of life that appears stationary during the day becomes active such as sea urchins, and a lot of marine life that stays hidden from view during the day comes out at night. Simon Read said that everywhere they looked they saw sea hare’s Morey eels, Cuttle fish and large schools of fish.

Sea hares are a type of sea slug. They are not as colourful as Nudibranchs and are normally a lot bigger. They get their name from the two rhinopore’s on their head which look like the ears of a Hare. Unlike in terrestrial slugs that have light sensors like our eyes on the ends of stalks on their head, the sea hares rhinopores act like our nose and detect smells or tastes in the water to help the sea hare locate its food.

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