Thursday, April 7, 2011

King Fisher!

Once again April has kicked off with Alan being awarded the status of Platinum Course Director. Every year PADI set challenges and targets to make it that bit more difficult to achieve this status. However Alan has continued to succeed at this since he was first awarded the status in 2004. He has also now certified over 1000 instructors – I don’t think I’ve even met that many instructors in my lifetime!

Yesterday someone rescued a King Fisher that he found stunned on the path and brought it to us. Fran immediately stopped what she was doing and adopted the little bird for half an hour making sure it had plenty of water.

Sarah then took it to a bird sanctuary nearby. Hopefully it will be better soon. They person at the sanctuary said it looked like the bird had flown into a window and was just stunned and that this was really common. The birds at the sanctuary apparently do it all the time when she gets the fish out and they try to get to it. Oh dear!

We currently have a whole family out diving with us. Amy and martin are out here doing a rebreather course with Phil Short, while their daughter Zoe and her friend Leonora are finishing off their Open Water course.

The family and Leonora have gone to Cirkewwa today so the girls can finish their Open Water dives 3 and 4, and Amy and Martin can continue their rebreather course with a change of scenery.

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