Monday, April 11, 2011

Busy Busy!

Yesterday was meant to be a quiet day, but like all supposedly quiet days at Divewise it quickly turned into a rather hectic day. Fran had two pleasure dives at Cirkewwa with Cameron and they won’t stop talking about the huge Grouper they saw near the Rozi.

Ed had a very intense day of diving yesterday. He did 4 confined and 3 open water dives for the Open Water course to make sure Gareth Phillips completed his Open Water by the weekend

Malcom and Anastasia loved their DSD and Bubblemaker so much they came back yesterday to do it all again! Anastasia went out on the house reef on the hunt for a cuttlefish that had been seen on the check dives an hour before and Malcom spent another hour in the confined area hunting for crabs and sea cucumbers
under the rocks. To Steph's delight they found a rather large nudibranch under one of the rocks – Malcom didn’t find it quite as impressive as the crabs though.

Jacks back today. Limping a bit but he's a lot livelier now and he’s opted for a yellow bandage today.

Ed, Pau and Jason are out of the water today helping Nev and Dave with yet more hammering, sawing and heavy lifting.

Well sort of . . .

Sarah is back in her little cave servicing regulators and fixing Steph's dry suit that has another hole in it. Luckily this time she noticed it before she got in for the dive!

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