Friday, May 15, 2009

The Big Catch Up

My how time flies when you're having fishy-style fun. All that time underwater leaves a blog lagging once in a while. So lets get you up to speed on the last week or so of events.

Rob Randal has continued ploughing into his Instructor Development Course under Alan's tutelage, with Danny and Lucy assisting as naughty students and bodies. Its surprising how much a 'bod-deady' can laugh. Robs skills have sharpened perfectly in time for his Instructor Examinations, taking place just as we type this blog out to you all. This week he has also completed his EFR Instructor, now an essential requirement for those wishing to become PADI Open Water Instructors.

The two parties of proudly crazy Dutchmen stayed with us until May 11th and enjoyed all the best sites of the island - The P29, The Rozi, Um el Faroud, Gozo Blue Hole, The Inland Sea and much more, as well as a fantastic night out at Cianco's for kareoke and cake in celebration of Turu's Birthday. Lucy offered her singing talents in return for a rid in Turu's shiny red Triumph - the only way to travel!

With Neville now returned from his trip to Australia and Thailand, his friends Georgie and Leggie visited to complete their Advanced Open Water Course, extending their diving depth to 30m!- well done those people! They treated themselves to PADI's limited edition Project A.W.A.R.E cards for their PICs - what a nice way to celebrate their achievement and also protect the Marine Environment! Later in the week, customers Ozcan and Dominique also started their Advanced Open Water courses and are enjoying those still.

Marco Heibener also joined us for plenty of leisurely afternoon dives once his language classes were over by lunch. He has really impressed us with his skills as a diver. Likely to remembered as the lad with the lamp - as each visit you could hear Marco declare 'My lamp, my Lamp' to remind us that his torch was still in safe storage in the office!

New faces have been dropping in to Discover Scuba Diving on the House reef - we've had newcomers from as far abroad as Lithuania, Ireland and Brazil! Luckily the in house staff speak a variety of languages between them and we can always work a way to teach through any language barrier!

Gary, our Sun-worshiping staff member finally decided that the water was warm enough to get back in for the Summer! Could it be something to do with the fact that his friends from Austria are here to dive?? Today he is out to Gozo with Big Al and crew from Britain, a lively bunch of return customers that we're always happy to see! As are Colm and Owen, the Irish contingent who are considering their Tec Deep Diver Course with our sister company Techwise this week...

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