Monday, May 25, 2009

Making Advances...

Wow, we seem to have so many people coming to us taking the Advanced Open Water course recently. I started to think about why it's so popular... Some people take it straight after their Open Water course (we actually have a combo package price for the two courses together), while others wait a while before stepping up to the next level. It all depends on comfort and personal preference I guess.

Either way, its a great course that really gives a lot back to divers who take it. If you go for it straight after the Open Water, its a great way to continue your diving in the safety of an Instructors watch, seeing new sites and learning new skills. It's also great for taking a taster of different diving courses and skills, finding out which areas will interest and excite you, helping you to choose your path in diving.

For those who come to the course with a bit more experience, it can open up new areas in diving that they might not have thought about before. The Advanced course is really a smorges-board of skills. Your take 5 different Adventure Dives - one must be a Deep Diver Adventure, and one must be a Navigation Adventure. Then you can choose 3 others from a huge list of PADI Specialties. These dives also count as the first dive of the full Specialty if you decide to go for the whole course! Efficient, eh?

Plus there's the added bonus of extending your diving depth to 30m, opening up new sites to you that perhaps you couldn't visit before!

No wonder everyone's taking this course! Its the obvious choice!

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