Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fri 1st May 09

Lucy and Alan take a quiet day to check out Lucy for continuing her Tec Deep Diver course. Unfortunately for Lucy, a little harness slippage during transit left her twinset floating 4 inches off her back and Lucy floating inverted like a human balloon! Unfortunate for Lucy… amusing as hell for Alan and the Rebreather boys Paul Toomer and Al Rogers.

Still, glitches ironed out – the check dive went fine and revenge was a dish best served cold, as Lucy stuck her tongue out to the rebreathers passing by and sent Al Rogers into a buoyancy bungle! The lovely thing about rebreathers is the air space in the loop makes laughter completely audible!

Sat 2nd May 09

The Tec and Rebreather courses crews head off to Cirkewwa for Tec dives 8, 9, 10, and continuing rebreather drills. Of course no deep dive or complicated drill could possibly be as scary as escorting Lucy on her first day driving in Harry, the biggest of the Divewise trucks. And no amount of sunshine could turn you as red as Lucy was when she was overtaken by a TRACTOR on a hill! Grapple those gears, Girly!

At least Lucy finally found the dive site… which is more than can be said for Mr Paul Toomer and the ever elusive P29!

Back at base, Gavin, Michael and Peter are busting through Confined Dives 1, 2 & 3 for their Open Water Course! Well done guys!

Sun 3rd May 09

Sunday brought even warmer sunshine and clear blue skies on the way to Gozo for the finishing dives of Lucy’s Tec Deep Diver and Al Rogers’ Rebreather Part One. ON the same trip, Rob guided Peter, Nura and Angie on some great dives through the Blue Hole and the Inland Sea

Both courses ended in success and a few giggles… a hood swapping exercise ended in Alan unwittingly adopting Lucy’s ‘Think Pink’ Attitude from the inside of her hood lining! Not that Alan minded the pink rinse in his hair… but Viv might not be as happy!

The inland sea is incredibly impressive, and to view it on the ascent from 50 m made it all the more incredible to behold. We are so lucky to be diving at sites that easily make the voting list for a new 7 Wonders of the World!

The graduates were celebrated over a well-earned and hastily devoured curry at the Emperor of India – just one of the many excellent places to dine out in St Julian’s and Paceville.

They weren’t the only success stories of the day. Francesca, Jonathan Helen and Stephen completed Open Water Dive 4 and are already booked in for their Advanced Open Water too!

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