Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tues 28th April 09

Unusually, the 28th was a no-diving day, with the waves whipped up.
Lucy, our new summer staff member arrived at mid-day with a shock of fuscia pink hair and set about viewing apartments with Gary, one of our seasoned and seasonal crew.

Wed 29th April 09

With the weather settled down once more, Sarah and Lucy took customers Therese and Max for a pleasant pleasure pootle day at Cirkewwa. Sarah spotted the first Sea Hare of the season while they headed for the ‘Amphoras’ (Latin for the ancient vessels that carried wine and other goods).

The second dive of the day took them to the Arch or Cirkewwa, with some slightly loony limbo dancing under the arch by Lucy, and a great spotting by Sarah, who found a Moray and a cuttlefish on their travels.

Meanwhile, Daniel was continuing his deep diver course…

Thurs 30th April 09

Sara and Lucy went out to Gozo to take four young Dutch men for their first ever SCUBA Diving experience – imagine your Discover SCUBA Dive in the tranquil waters of Mgarr ix-Xini! Beats the local swimming pool any day! And there’s always time for a Tony’s ice-cream extravaganza on the journey home…

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