Monday, May 18, 2009

Mellow Monday

So another week begins... although with Divewise open 7 days a week, the days just seem to blur in to one continuous run of fun. Big Al and the Landshark Dive Club are just packing up and say how fast their week in the sun has passed. In the meantime, new students are just signing in and getting ready for Advanced Open Water and specialty courses - (Buy one Get one Free online!).

Nev and Howard are getting busy in their handy-men role, while Sarah is spring cleaning our rental equipment and changing over the suits to match the rising temperatures that Summer brings...

A lot of people are worrying what the world-wide credit crunch will mean to their summer holidays and their spare cash for pleasure activities such as Scuba Diving. Here at Divewise, we have put together lots of special deals like our Advance Payment Discount Scheme to save divers money so that they can continue with their passion for the sport, even if the purse strings are a little tighter. Remember that you can sacrifice the odd beer, or maybe buy less magazines, but never give up the things that bring you happiness in life!

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