Saturday, July 4, 2009

Super Sunday Sunshine Diving

Ahhh... Bliss... Everyday when I walk to work, I think how lucky I am to be working here in the sunshine.  Our customers come in and they are on holiday - just willing, ready, waiting to have  a great time! How easy could a job be?!

Today we just packed off  mixed van of Technical and Recreational divers on their way to Gozo.  Its hot in the morning sun, but with the windows down and the breeze in your face - its a pretty fantastic journey. The scenery is stunning and they're off to a mixed bag of diving - Blue Hole scenic style for the morning, followed by the wreck of the Cominoland in the afternoon. A selection box of diving chocolate!

If I'd been back at home, working on a Sunday, I know I'd be missing my bed right now - somehow its a lot easier to be up early here - even a joy.
So I guess my question is... where are you? Why not here, enjoying great diving and beautiful scenery with us?!!

1 comment:

  1. and how true is that.....

    I am in the dive centre at the moment teaching Classroom open water course.... yes thats right in the classroom, not sitting outside the divecentre looking at the sea and enjoying the beautiful views......

    So look forward to being there instead of here..... not long i hope ....