Friday, July 15, 2011

Alans Fake Birthday . . .

Yes the rumours are true . . . it is Alans fake birthday today.
He hasn't turned up at the centre this morning so he must have something good planned! Everyone's hoping another birthday means another excuse to eat cake.

Yesterday we had an awesome excursion to Comino on the boat. Jan, who did a DSD with us the other day came along to get a feel for some real diving. He had a go at driving the P31 and explored the Santa Marija caves along with all the other pleasure divers. Everyone had a go at feeding the fish which are getting pretty greedy now.

We’ve had lots of visits from EC language school over the last few days. A group of kids from Russia went out on the boat snorkelling on Comino yesterday – if you call finding the highest point on the boat and jumping off it snorkelling! The group were also here the other day doing taster dives. Their leader said she’s never seen them smile so much on an activity before – that’s got to be a good sign!

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