Friday, July 22, 2011

Squeaken Squeak!

Jack has a new toy, a rather loud one to be precise. He’s extremely happy about it but it’s been driving Viv mad!

On Wednesday we had Megan, Elizabeth and Hannah doing their bubblemaker. They took to the water like fish I don’t think I’ve seen anyone so relaxed in the water as these guys were.

We have another team of bubblemakers coming in this morning to go critter spotting in the confined area.

Last week’s group had an awesome time but there was a bit too much excitement for one little guy.

Morty our new divemaster has been working hard with Nev the past few days doing some long days in the water and some long evenings in the classroom . . .

Yesterday Peter, Coem and Justus did a DSD with us. Peter is a qualified Open water diver but wanted to come along to refresh his skills. They were naturals in the water. It’s a shame they couldn’t stay longer and get qualified but they made sure they got another dive in and went off with Pau and Steve in the afternoon to explore the Maori.

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