Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday Morning Bubblemaker Sessions

We had a gang of young divers yesterday that came over from the Westin to do a Bubblemaker. The Westin is promoting the Bubblemaker experience for all the kids staying at the Hotel. The experience is held at 9:30 every Friday morning. Because some of the kids that are interested are younger than 8 so aren’t old enough to do the Bubblemaker we still get them in the water for a snorkelling session where they can look at the fish and crabs in the confined area and watch their siblings swimming around on scuba.

One of the little guys yesterday was determined to be like his older brothers and wear a wet suit for the snorkelling despite the fact that it was a little bit too big . . .

Yesterdays gang all had an awesome time and the older ones are back again this morning with their parents to do DSD’s and will be doing yet more snorkelling tomorrow!

Alan got an odd collection of Balloons for his birthday yesterday.

Jack is not amused by them . . .

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