Sunday, July 24, 2011

Welcome Back Steve!

We have a new member of staff with us that I have forgotten to mention in the last few blogs. Steve Hill has come over from the UK for 6 weeks to give us a hand during the busy season now that his college has closed for the summer. Many of you may already be familiar with Steve as he comes out every year during the summer to get a tan and his annual fill of physically demanding work!

Helen is back after doing her DSD last week to do her Open Water course. Sarah is starting her off with some theory and the RDP . . .

Morty and Peter are doing Search and Recovery today. Morty has to do Search and Recovery as part of his Divemaster course as the skills you learn on this course such as knot tying and appropriate search patterns are very useful in many aspects of diving.

Let’s hope they find all the various things Steve has lost!

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