Thursday, July 28, 2011

People Come and Go ... and then Come Back Again!

Darrell arrived back last week. Darrell did his IDC with us in May. Since his return he has been gaining lots of experience teaching Discover Scuba's and Open Water courses and is going to be working here for the rest of the summer with not much intention of going back to the UK for the winter either. If you are interested in Photography he's the person to speak to . . .

Morty completed his Divemaster course yesterday and came to Toni's to say goodbye before Alan took him to the airport. He's planning on returning in September to gain more experience, and there will be plenty of opportunity for that as September has been fully booked for about 2 months now!

We had a group of DSD's yesterday that did their dive in rather poor visibility because of the wind however they all said they had an amazing time and even managed to find an Octopus. Two are coming back to dive the Maori later this week.

Since it’s cooled down a little bit Jack has been eager to get out and about . . .

And he’s certainly making sure his demands are not being ignored, ‘Come on mum let’s go!’ . . . .

Meanwhile Phil and Darrell are getting equipment ready for the 14 DSD’s we have this morning! Luckily the water has calmed down a lot since yesterday so the visibility will be much better for them.

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