Monday, June 27, 2011

Anne Japan's Back!

Congratulations to Lawrence who qualified as an Open Water diver yesterday! It only took him a year! After his Open Water Dive 4 at Zurrieq yesterday he has said he’s not going to take such a long break from diving again and is going to be back after his holiday to do his Advanced so then he can start to explore the bottom of the reef at Zurrieq.

We have had lost of Japanese trying diving the last week. Izumi, Miho and Yui did their first diving experience the other day. Luckily for all the Japanese Anne Japan has just arrived back in Malta so everything will soon be clear for anyone who's a bit lost because of the language barrier.

Nev’s been spending more and more time in the water. I actually think he spent more time in the water than out yesterday when him and Gary did a wreck penetration of the Um El Faroud. Warren had the challenge of planning and leading his deep 4 dive to the Faroud dive which was a complete success he even managed to deal with the current that started picking up on the way back to the reef.

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