Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pat's Crazy Month at Divewise . . .

Our visiting Instructor Pat leaves in the next couple of days. He’s had a crazy time while he’s been here taking lots of technical courses and teaching a lot of recreational courses. Chances are if you have done a course with us in the past couple of weeks you have met and probably been taught by Pat.He will be back in November to help out on the Instructor Development Course.

The Swedish group came for a week of diving. During their time here they covered most of the dive sites with Pau, they even managed to fit in two trips to Gozo!

Annika a member of staff at the language school did her Discover Scuba dive with Howard on Sponge Bob Day and has carried on to do her open water course, which she will be finishing with the final exam tomorrow.

Aaron had a hilarious time with one of his DSD students, Paulo, on Tuesday. He was apparently a natural in the water and LOVED having his photo taken!

Jack took over Nev’s job of inspecting the basins while he Nev was in the UK. "Yep looking good guys i could sure eat out of these things . . .

But then again i could eat out of anything . . ."

He also did some merchandise testing.

"Yeah I can see you, these ones are good!"

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