Wednesday, June 29, 2011

With Summer Comes Taster Dives . . .

So the Mapping project has begun . . . Jenny and Phil have been attempting to map the House reef for Jenny’s Divemaster course. It involved a lot of planning and forward thinking. They have now spent numerous hours snorkelling and diving the reef to familiarise themselves with it and have started drawing their map. Let’s hope when it comes to Jenny leading dives she can follow it!

Another person who has been familiarising himself with the house reef is Alex Gwerdener.

Nev’s technique of now you can see . . . now you can’t seemed to be helpful in getting Alex to depends soley on his compass so he knows what it’s like to navigate in low viz conditions. Luckily he didn’t have to do the Navigation dive with the towel on.

Yesterday afternoon we had our first 7 Taster divers of the summer from EC language school. They all got a T-shirt to wear,

and scuba gear of course . . .

Then they had a quick run through of how to use the gear,

then it was off to the confined area

where they were let loose to get used to using the equipment . . .

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