Friday, June 17, 2011

Search and Recovery Speciality

The water is glistening today, good dive conditions? I think so! Jilia is doing her 4th dive since her Discover Scuba Diver course at Qwara today. Her buoyancy is getting better and she’s getting more and more confident with every dive. Lots of divers are off to the Maori for training and pleasure diving, let’s hope the seahorse is out and about.

Irina and Ross both had their first underwater experience yesterday with a Discover Scuba Course. They were both naturals in the water. Let’s hope they keep going with it now they’ve had a taster . . .

Andy and Mori completed their Search and Recovery Speciality last week. They also got some additional practice searching for a real lost object on the house reef – Alan’s Reel!

The skills they and other divers have learnt in the course proved very useful to divers during the beach Cleanup on Wednesday. They learn various different search patterns and when to apply them during a search on the course. This made planning how to cover their cleanup area most effectively much easier for those who have done the course. They also knew the safe way to raise objects when they were dealing with some large/heavy objects they came across during the cleanup.

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